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domingo, 23 de marzo de 2014

el precio de las montas en España/ the stud service in spain

There is a song that says something like that ``what you choose to believe in, makes you rise or down´´
This is something that we can perfectly apply to the stud services here in Spain, it´s price,and conditions.
It´s very usual hear people asking unreasonable prices for a stud service considering the quality of the dogs they are offering as stallion. 
Usually ``breeders´´ask this prices to people that  are new in the breed and  therefore they don´t know the prices of a true stallion in other countries , close to us. 
let´s define a true stallion: a true stallion is a dog with the TIPE, acording to Standar, and here i´m going to add some  pictures that worths more than thousand words
 Chance from Rossimon akitas
 Gunner Artie´s son

Am ch Rossimon by the boss AOM

A true  true Stallion gives you tipe and consistence if you use him with the correct  bitch. For instance:

artie´s progenie

or these
 beau descendants from Charvel akitas
No matter the generations you may see his niking
AM CH KOMA INU BRONZE BRUIN ROM ( a head subjetc of stdy by specialist juzges)
bruin descendant

 Bruin descendants

A true Stallion gives you tipe and consistence if you use him with the correct  bitch, no matter the generations you may see his nicking 

well being honest there isn´t such stallion in Spain, and the stallions we have they don´t worth the amounts that people are asking for a stud service  in almost every case without guaranties.
there are people  in  Europe that ask almost the same amounts of money,but with better dogs that they reproduce VERY WELL, AND WITH GUARANTIES.

Recently i have heard that  someone is asking 1500 eu for a stud service with a dog that it doesn´t has the quality enough to be called show dog,
and as the dos is ten years old the owner dosn´t offered any guaranties, but he wants to be payed for.
It´s funny, i have asked for stud dog services in many countries, i have had many diferents answers, and differents prices for a TOP stud dogs,between 1800 dollars  , 1500 eu,1000 punds, 1200 pounds, 1500 pounds, but almost  all of them with guaranties .
 But here in Spain where we have a POOR quality dogs, people wants to charge as they have the TOP DOG , Sachmo himself.
Well what i can say is to new people in the Akita:
-I never charge for a stud service if the bicht doesn´t get pregnant, and i would never accept a deal where this aspect  isn´t  cover, in a contract.
-i never will pay that amounts of money that some people is asking in Spain when you can pay this same amounts for a good Stud dog and with guaranties.You shoul do the same. 
-Before make that enterprise, and spend such amounts , take a plane visit Crufts and a national in Usa,speak with reputable breeders and juzges  and them think if you have a good female for that enterprise.

- To those Spanish Breders who claims they love the breed, they do everything for the love of the breed...bla bla bla, stop staring at you navel,   stop cheating people that have illusion and motivation  to improve what they have at home.
stop thinking only in money and have the guts to say no if you don´t want to breed with a poor quality bicht, try to show them what they should do, even knowing that tomorrow they will be with you competing in the same  ring, and someday they will win.
 don´t take advantage in their illusions, when you are doing that you are destroying the AKITA. 
 And if you think you have a top stud dog and you want to charge as he were TOP,give the guarantees that a TOP breeder must give.