A place to share information about the situation today in the American Akita.Where we can learn about the breed, about building a solid foundation in this breed and more. Welcome everyone.

Un sitio donde compartir información sobre la situación del Akita hoy en día .Donde podemos aprender sobre la raza, sobre como construir una base sólida y mucho más.Bienvenidos.

martes, 28 de enero de 2014

Good Luck. Buena suerte

Well , here she is, from   last Hagrid  beeding. She is growing up and becoming what I thought she could be when I saw her at 38 days. Good Luck to her , and to her  owner.
 This breeding was something that must to be done since the moment that Maggie put a foot in Spain. Finally   Maggie´s owners decided to do it and i´m glad about that , it´s always a pleausure to see a puppy that can improve the breed.
Besides i will have to be grateful to this puppy for remembering me things that i should never have forgotten.

.History always repeat itself,

 and karma is a bitch :)