A place to share information about the situation today in the American Akita.Where we can learn about the breed, about building a solid foundation in this breed and more. Welcome everyone.

Un sitio donde compartir información sobre la situación del Akita hoy en día .Donde podemos aprender sobre la raza, sobre como construir una base sólida y mucho más.Bienvenidos.

jueves, 28 de marzo de 2013

About inbreeding

”…the breeding of purebred dogs is akin to [breeding laboratory mice]…
[most breeds] are becoming progressively more inbred. My observation is 
most are on the road to extinction, but most breeders do not even 
realize they are part of an experiment.”
                                                                  John B. Armstrong, PhD


To see how easy it can exceed a percentage of the 6.25% inbreeding within 5

 generations, or 9% in 10 generations, which is recommended to get healthy 

specimens, see this:

Father-son: 25%

Full siblings: 25%

Half brothers: 12.5%

n: 12.5%

Cousins with one common couple of grandparents: 6.25% .