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sábado, 5 de enero de 2013

Scam with frozen semen/ Estafa con semen congelado

Months ago i bought frozen semen from Am Ch Mt Joy Fortunate One ``Fortune´´ a dog from from  Patricia Ellis ,Mt joy akitas.
Well, while we were dealing the conditions ,according to Patricia Ellis every was fantastic, the semen was perfect, even she had sold  frozen semen to one breeder in Findland wich one has a litter of seven pups, she never had a trouble and of course she was very profesional with a lot of knowledge and she never would send me a semen with less than 70% of motility AFTER THAW , or with bad quality .

1.I am still looking for this breeder , i think is like James Bond or maybe he/she only exist in Pat Ellis imagination.because is imposible to find such litter, or breeder.
2. the motility of the semen after thaw is 42% , but with 58 % of ABNORMAL FORMS , so here we can open another question : can you have 42% of motility if you have 58% of abnormal forms ? The analisys of the semen after thaw showed that it can not be as the Specialist in reproduction had told me .
3. In difficult situations is when you see the profesionalism of the breeders and people in general. So as you can imagin Patricia Ellis, Mount Joy Akitas showed and is still showing her professionalism, her seriosness, and HONESTY , the most used word in the world dog. First she offered me a puppy like compensation, but suddenly she changed her mind , he started to look all kind of excuses, obviously triying to avoid any compensation:
``the problem is you vet , your vet is very bad , i know it because it told me a  friend from Poland that she sold frozen semen to Spain, and it did not work too .....bla bla bla ´´
``i know the problem is the method your vet use to thaw the semen ´´  OHH YEAHH , you were there, Patricia Ellis, maybe inside of a vial or even inside of a pellet,  or even better you were in the serum used to thaw the pellet.

Patricia forgot several important questions. she did not ask  who did my AI , WICH ONE WAS MADE BY A DIFFERENT VET, and forget to ask to her friend in Poland the quality of the semen she had sold , which was less than 30% after thaw so it did not go to work whoever it was the vet.
Patricia also think that in Spain there isn´t good vets specialist in frozen semen , and there are more that i even thought
So be careful if you are going to deal with Patricia Ellis Hussel from Mt Joy Akitas, you can be scammed.