A place to share information about the situation today in the American Akita.Where we can learn about the breed, about building a solid foundation in this breed and more. Welcome everyone.

Un sitio donde compartir información sobre la situación del Akita hoy en día .Donde podemos aprender sobre la raza, sobre como construir una base sólida y mucho más.Bienvenidos.

viernes, 23 de marzo de 2012

months ago i promised to make something about angles.
and here it´s , is not the best draw but it worth.
meses atrás prometí hacer algo sobre los angulos ,y aquí está no es el mejor dibujo pero vale la pena 

sábado, 17 de marzo de 2012

Beverly Vics comes to Spain , Again . Is our ego ready?

One of BEST and most respectable American Akita Juzgues IN THE WORLD, comes to Spain to juzge our Akitas ,so  if someone want learn she is the perfect person, i can personally assure it .It doesn´t matter if your dog doesnt win , her opinion is more important than win any show. If you really want to improve in the breed , if you really loves the Akita you should show show youdogs withe her in the ring, or even if you dont want enter your dog in the show , you must ask her opinion , 
I remenber the first day we met as it was yesterday , and how glad i was when we were sharing impressions  about the akita at that moment  , and see that we had very similar ideas, but obviously she knew, and she knows  much more than me .I´m nothing compared with her.
 I remember with special satisfaction , when she asked me :¿ what dogs do you like from here? We WERE at B.O.B, so all of you can imagine , there a Spanish boy with no idea about speak english , that he biggest akita show i had seen was months ago  at crufts (and crufts  was incredible for someone who comes from spain at that moment)  ,   being interrogated  by one the most reputable, prestigious,American Akita breeders in the breed history also  in company of some of the best....no you can´t not imagine the situation.
   i had  a problem  , because  i was seeing what the juzge was doing (and this was the only thing that already had learned) so the dogs that liked to me they aren´t to going  to win , I HAD a very BIG problem .
well, from lost to the river , so  i pointed out  : i like that and this.
and she said: GOOD ( what a relief¡¡¡) ,because if i was you  i would buy something out of ..... and something out of ...... . it was amazing so many hours in front of a computer,   dedicated to the study of the breed,without knowing   if i was right because my thoughts were against the thought of other people in Spain who were involved in the breed  before me ....... , and all of that   were recompensed in two minutes speaking with her .
i leave here this link,i guess i left it before  , but never is enough.http://www.thedogplace.org/Judges/Meet/Vics-09091.asp
i highly recommed the article.

Story , winning her class at Salt Lake City National in Utah, Titles has diferent value dependind who gives it, just my opinion.
 juzge: Beverly Vics
breeder: Colleen Sullivan
Owner: Javier barja, Coowner : Colleen Sullivan

viernes, 2 de marzo de 2012

what is going to happend in the close future and is happenig now /

interesting conversation with a reputables breeders , maybe some of the last .
well the other day we were Speaking about dogs , obviosly , and the direccion the breed  are  taking  , profesional handlers and other canine questions .
after a short conversation about the issues that we are finding in the breed and that we will probably have in the future, i discover  that the  breeder came to same conclusion  I CAME  IN 2002-03,. people has to Stop to breed with Raja or dogs with Raja , trying to find anothers paths , OPEN LINES, AND MIND, because if we don´t do that,  we will destroy  the Breed, and in a very few years will be imposible to find a dog whitout raja in his pedigree over and over , and OVER AGAIN 
People we know me , or hate me :) , knows that i said many times that, ten years ago , now i say that´s is going to be very dificult find a good exit for that .
why ? because even using dogs that they are   no longer alive we are taking risk in terms of hips , or eyes ,temperament, or autoinmune disease etc  .... The work of the breedder and the clubs was and is  good improving this aspects .But i´m afraid that there won´t be another posibility , looking in legends of the pass ,  or using the few dogs that other  breeders  are keeping free with old blood that now is like fresh blood, and it means is like gold 
but now here is another problem, most of this breeder with old blood are out of the breed , or boring of seing his dogs lose and lose at shows , one time  after time , with mediocre dogs because of the fashion in  the last  decade .So they could not devolepe their breeding program, so they , and their dogs are getting older or they are  lost  in the back yard of a home , like pets (at least  living a good live)
is all of that  fault  of Carol or Dave? no , in fact people would be grateful to them , they allowed the acces to their gen pool.   the guilt is to the people that are not worried enough .
being worried enough it does not means only go to shows , or breed 2, 3 , 4 litter per year ,hire a super handler to make champion a medium dog ( i see that even in people that they are Special breed juzges ¡¡¡)
worried enough it means  STUDY , and look out of your house what you don´t have, or even discard the work of years because you found an aspects  that  is very wrong   

Raja was a dog , not my favorite  many can know  that , with  a lot of Nicking for the good things ( bone , coat ,  feet and behavior )and the bad things ,( i´m  going to say nothing about that point,) but why every body started to make breddings with him many of them without any sense or even did not need it , discarding another dogs from other lines better than Raja ?
well the reasons are obvious , some , many  times  money , searching a dog with a lot of titles but without knowing how they won this titles, and many , many times , new people in breed don´t have enough knowledge, about pedigrres ,History of the breed and Standar .
People has to understand that they have to find his own look , and his own look  it has not be the Raja look .
 Use him if you think is necesary but get back on your dogs to preserve your look. you will never have a photocopy of a that dog (personally i don´t want ), it doesn matter how many times he appears in the pedigree , but can be sure of something, in genetic the murphi´s law always work , so as often as you have the dog in the pedigree you will have the bad things  he produce .this applyes to any dog in any breed.
so what we are going to see in the next years or i´m seing in now except those who were smart except those who were smart  ? lack of consistence due to outcroos looking deseperately eyes,expressions long leng , substance , size , proportions , top line, correct angles (moderate appears in the Standar not over like happens now for win the groups)and more, much more... 
greetings and good luck :)