A place to share information about the situation today in the American Akita.Where we can learn about the breed, about building a solid foundation in this breed and more. Welcome everyone.

Un sitio donde compartir información sobre la situación del Akita hoy en día .Donde podemos aprender sobre la raza, sobre como construir una base sólida y mucho más.Bienvenidos.

miércoles, 28 de septiembre de 2011

I forgot

Atom , won his class with Catherin Bell specialist Judge , and one of the oldest Breeders , Déjavou Akitas, one of the breders who contributed to the evolution of this breed, 

sábado, 24 de septiembre de 2011


Here is atom , DEDASI I´M A SHAMAN AT ZASEN , OWNERS :Constantino and me .
i´m very proud with Atom because he has tipe , and when other foreigns breeders , historical breeders in many cases , says  that Atom has the type with only 14 months i can´t avoid to think in the future he has with 16 months more , and i think that is only the beginnig .
I can not finish without give thanks to Constanino and Fátima , Zasen Akitas for everything they do for him , and for the love that they have for the dogs . Constantino is becoming in one the best Handlers in the world of the Akita in Spain , so i can dream in a near future with Constantino showing a dog , maybe Atom , maybe other dog , in a National or in Crufts , or in both places . This is Constantino with more energie than a teenager , like Atom and like Atom parents Hagrid and Story .
About the show , i know there are  people waiting for this part, glad to see some people that  they want to do the things in the correct path, Manuel and Diego Dos Ancestros and their  wifes, maybe they need more patience in some decisions , but is just and opinion ,
and of course  see that other person is  the same person that he was, always thinking that the guilty is the  jugdege (and sometimes they are, specially when we are speaking about allrounders)  , and always seing shadows where the only thing that really are is bad work, but i guees that is the sauce of the show .